Saturday, March 19, 2016

These are some cakes I have created over the years. I'll add more as I have time. I am not very loquacious, so if you want more information on my cakes, just ask.

3D cornucopia cake for a Thanksgiving party (silver white cake, butter-less butter cream icing, fondant veggies).

Hobbit house with a little kiwi on the left for a New Zealander's going away party (chocolate cake, butterless butter cream, fondant).

 Classy little birthday cake with stylized fondant flowers on the top.

 A "gravity-defying" cereal  cake I made for fun. I got the inspiration from a picture of one of "milk" pouring onto a cake slice, but since I don't pour my soy milk onto cake, I did it this way. The base cake was a white cake and the cereal bowl was chocolate cake.

A cake I made for a Valentine's Day party.

This is a cake for the birthday party for a little boy and a little girl, both interested in dinosaurs, with one interested in astronauts, and the other in princesses. I found a way to combine all three of their passions. Even the spaceship could be completely eaten!

 Another simple birthday cake with a 3D fondant bow in the upper left corner.

These are some deserts I made for a Thanksgiving potluck. The teacups are made of chocolate with a sprinkles trimming, filled with home-made coconut whipped cream, and raspberries.

This was a fun cake to create. It was my final exam cake.

These Christmas baubles were for a cookie exchange with some vegan friends.

The camper and tools were fun to make and challenging at the same time. The words on the cake board say, " Carbondale or Bust!"

Ryan wanted my Boston Cream Pie for his graduation party. It is plain and simple looking, but oh so good.

I made this for a Halloween party. The cake is chocolate and gluten free. I have made it a few times, but it is always fun to make.

 This is a wedding cake I made in September. The cool couple had a beach wedding and therefore, a beach themed wedding cake. The shells were theirs and were special to them. The flowers on top were done by one of the couple's moms.

This cake was for a retirement party. The person retiring was moving to a cabin on a lake, so I made a cabin, a wood pile, and a lake with a boat and fish. 

This was for an Sports Acrobatic team party. I used photos of the team doing their skills and turn them into chocloate silhouettes.

This was for an anniversary party. The side was covered on almond slices.

This was for a birthday and includes fondant roses.

A Christmas Yule log for my family dinner.

A chocolate cherry cake for a potluck.

This was my son's and two of his friends' graduation cakes. They all were going to CU Boulder, thus the buffalo. The smaller cake with a gecko was gluten free. The reason for a gecko is a long story.

I know these are not cakes, but I love to make donuts, too.

These are carrot cake cupcakes for someone who likes the Beattles.

This was for a compassionate Thanksgiving potluck. It The "wood" is fondant and "painted" to have wood grain.

This unicorn cake was for a guy who likes the whimsical.

 These are sugar cookies that I decorated for a Christmas cookie exchange.

This was a cake I made for an exchange student's birthday.

 These are "geodes" that I made using homemade rock candy and fondant for the outer rock.

This geode cake was for the Fort Collins Rockhounds club picnic.

This cake was for someone who loves the beach. She wanted flip flops, a palm tree, and seahorses.

This cake design was requested for a birthday party.

This was a lemon cake.

The Boston Cream Pie was for a birthday party.

The roses are made from fondant.

This was my favorite cake flavor, chocolate! This cake was for a fundraiser for FC CAN. The pine cones are made out of fondant and chocolate and the pine needles are fondant.


These are fun and easy to make and oh so good to eat! They don't last long.